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Stocking all your bait supplies

When it comes to bait, “live” bait is obviously best but good quality fresh/frozen bait comes a mighty close second.  We stock all the best baits for our area including locally caught river prawns, USA squid, local squid, herring, white bait, mullet, pilchards and sand worms.  If there is one thing I have learnt from years of experience, fresh bait presented correctly is very hard to beat.

When it comes to bait fishing, “matching the catch” (for want of a better analogy) is always the best-case scenario.

So, when the prawns are running in the river it makes sense to fish with prawns. When the herrings run in winter, same thing applies – fish with herrings, when the small mullet run at the beginning of summer and so on. When there are pilchards in the bay, herring in the bay, prawns in the bay, get into the local tackle shop and find out what bait is relevant for what time of year. 

More importantly the bait you are fishing with is relevant to the fish species you are trying to catch.  No good fishing with pilchards if you’re trying to catch whiting.

Fish, prawns, squid, worms

We stock quality suppliers such as Tweed Bait, Bushy’s and Glenmore Seafood, as well as locally caught and supplied prawns.


With over 150 years combined fishing and boating experience, we are sure we can direct you to where they are biting and what you need to pull them in.


Get on the water straight away with out buy now, pay later options. Giving you flexibility with easy installments.

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