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It seems we have come a long way since the 8 inch wooden handline spooled with 80 pound snider.  Reels these days are a high tech piece of equipment ranging in price, size, colour and configuration offering features such as X Shield, infinity drive, aluminium body, infinite anti-reverse, digi gear, all of which are technical terms that simply means “my reel has better features than yours!”  We’ve gone through the stage of having one reel for multiple applications and we are now in a complete 180 where we have one reel for each specific application. There is not only a reel for fly-fishing, spinning, jigging, casting, etc but also an array of reel sizes which hold smaller, stronger braided lines that are built stronger to accommodate these; making fishing all day more pleasurable for the angler as these reels are a lot lighter in their construction and easier to use all day. 

Bait casters have also evolved and are now a lot more ‘castable’, have bigger drags, and are a lot more comfortable to use.  I think it’s safe to say that when it comes to fishing tackle, reels have advanced along with rods and lures far more than any other piece of equipment.

DAIWA SALTIST – The legendary all-rounder just got better. 🎣

Introducing the all-new 21 Saltist MQ Spin Reels range. Featuring our signature Monocoque (MQ) technology the 21 Saltist MQ has an overall stronger, rigid reel body and is now even more water-resistant due to the single-piece body featuring screwless side plates. No matter your target, there’s a 21 Saltist MQ to take it on, from whiting to marlin and everything in between!

Now available from 2500 through 20000, the 21 Saltist MQ range is the toughest Saltist yet!



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Abu Garcia


With over 150 years combined fishing and boating experience, we are sure we can direct you to where they are biting and what you need to pull them in.


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